A Bit of History
I started teaching guitar professionally in 1994 while finishing my undergraduate degree in Guitar Performance at the University of North Texas. For years I continually maintained a studio teaching at music schools, music stores, my house, community colleges as well as gaining experience with my teaching fellowship at UNT. In 2001 I moved to Seattle, WA and began teaching at Rosewood Guitar and I also spent a few years as adjunct faculty at Western Washington University.

Although the entirety of my teaching career has encompassed many genres, I primarily focus on classical guitar. For beginners, there is a complete foundation of technique to be learned. From reading to right and left hand principals, expression and tone production, I work hard to have each student achieve a core knowledge of how to play classical guitar. I have taught kids and adults over 80 years old to play! There are no boundaries that a students enthusiasm and a little hard work cannot overcome.

For the intermediate and advanced player, I will help you fine tune your pieces and reach your goals. Each year, I successfully train students to enter the collegiate world with passing auditions and am continually referred by guitar professors in the region to prep students to take that next step. Whether your goal is to perform in an open mic, a master class with the Seattle Classic Guitar Society, or a full fledged concert, I enjoy digging into the details and helping you make those goals a reality.

My Approach
I have studied with some fabulous guitarists throughout my life and continually strive to learn from colleagues and my own students. Ultimately there is not one way to play classical guitar. There are many avenues to successfully learn the instrument. Our musical ears, fingernails, inspiration and anatomy are all different. One may be obsessed with Andres Segovia or on the other hand John Williams. I enjoy pulling from both of their perspectives. My focus will be to bring those aspects together and give you a platform to move forward with the instrument. One of the most important aspects is to learn how to practice and I am fascinated how the brain works with learning, memory and control of the physical movements. Ultimately, I strive to use history, theory and imagination to achieve a musical outcome and hope to instill a thoughtful approach to practicing that will keep you inspired.

Currently Jason teaches at Rosewood Guitar in Seattle and accepts students of all levels. For more information on rates and availability, please contact Jason via email at
j a k e w i l l i a m s 1 at m a c . c o m (ignore the spaces)